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What is Ecofrog

Washing clothes without detergent is possible

Ecofrog is a revolutionary system, amazing and effective, that allows you to wash clothes in cold water and without detergent. This is possible thanks to the exclusive technology and action of active oxygen. It cleans and disinfects, killing 99.6% of germs and bacteria without any harmful effects on health.

We sell two versions of Ecofrog: one for domestic use in homes; and another for professional use in establishments such as hotels, restaurants, schools, laundries, spas, gyms and other public places.

Based on the same technology, each version has its own features especially adapted for the intended use of the system.


Do you want to be able to clean your clothes and all the surfaces of your home without using any cleaning products as well as protecting your skin from chemicals? Then this solution is for you! Your new best friend who’ll take care of you, the planet and your pocket.

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If you want to get more out of your business and save money at the same time, this system is the perfect solution! Contact us and we will show you all the benefits and applications of the EcoFrog Commercial Purifier.

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Ecofrog for everything

As well as washing clothes without detergent, it is possible to draw water from the system in order to clean the rest of the house. It is effective and eliminates 99.6% of bacteria and germs.

Don’t believe it? We’ll show you!

Send us your phone number or your email address and we will contact you, without any obligation, to tell you about all the advantages and benefits of using Ecofrog.


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